Anderson's Anderson's is by all means a true family business. In 1960 in Parma, Italy Carlo Valenti sought to learn everything there was to learn about the art of belt making. So after 6 years of training in the local well known leather factory he founded Anderson's together with his wife and colleagues in 1966. The original family still runs the business but today Valenti's daughter Elisabetta and son Riccardo are leading the company forward. Mr Valenti being an anglophile, often wore hats and suits crafted by English tailors such as Anderson & Sheppard, hence the name Anderson's which is today one of the leading manufacturers of belts in Italy and probably the oldest in Europe. All production still takes place in the famous laboratories in Parma by some 50 leather artisans. All goods are manufactured entirely by hand using only premium leathers and fabrics. The strong heritage of the brand stems from knowledge in craftsmanship, sewing and placing values on materials, passed on by generations within the family.

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