Nanamica is Japanese and means “house of the seven seas”. The Tokyo based brand was founded by Eiichiro Homma in 2003 with the main purpose of bringing interesting creators together from all different types of backgrounds and places, unbound by nationality, beliefs, or cultures. They try to distance themselves from non lasting trends and focus on the long term. The company has a strong message that stands for unity and love of all. Nanamica's team is very experienced in their field and the garments they create balance fashion and function in a unique way. The brands key words, "utility" and "sports" are clearly translated into their collections that consist of relevant and exciting pieces with focus on comfort and style.

To celebrate our long-term partnership with the Japanese cult brand we have linked up to release an exclusive product for Spring 2020. The release consist of a high-performance technical cardigan that comes in a speckled, tie-dye like finish. In addition to this, we asked Eiichiro Homma a few questions regarding the brand and their design process.

When you started nanamica, what inspired you the most and which product category did you feel was most important at that time?

My background was a designer for the sea gear of Helly Hansen. And initial motivation when I established my company was that we would like to extend outdoor sports garments to everyday lifestyle. Then we intend to add fashion element modern fit to the technical garment without compromise with functionality.

What does your design process look like? Do you start by choosing what fabric you want to work with or the style of the garment?

Developing high end functional fabrics is very fundamental process for technical gears. Fortunately my background and our relation with Goldwin / The North Face helps us to reach very new high end materials.

In your opinion, what defines the nanamica wearer?

Having a clear personal direction and taste of fashion and enjoy life. And considering clothing as a tool, not object.

Alphadry has quickly become one of the most popular continuative fabrics since its introduction in the collection some years back. For Spring/Summer 2020 you agreed to produce a special make up of the Alphadry Cardigan, exclusive for Nitty Gritty and the nanamica stores in Japan, something we couldn't be more excited about. What is so special about Alphadry?

The Alphadry fabric is originally developed for technical outdoor gears like trekking pants etc. As its special yarn by 37.5® Technology which helps not only moisture perspiration but also keeping body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5°C give us maximum comfort on every occasion.

Nitty Gritty has been buying nanamica since the first time you showcased the brand outside of Japan at the Pitti Uomo fair in Florence almost 10 years ago. How would you describe the development of the brand and collection since then?

Our concept is "First in high level mix of fashion and function". So we always study the latest technology of functional gears and at the same time we realize what is good enough element of fashion. In addition we have been organizing Tier 1 group of our stockists such as Nitty Gritty to showcase our products right way.

Do you have an all time favorite nanamica piece?

Obviously Alphadry setup and cardigan are most useful pieces in my life. And light down cardigans are, although sometimes we change its fit and fabric, another useful piece.