Diemme is a top quality shoemaker with headquarters set up in the district of Montebelluna, in Italy. The place to be in Italy if you are anything in the shoe manufacturing business. It is said that the district has been active in manufacturing footwear in one way or another for more than 100 years. Diemme’s reign may not date back as far as that but they have crafted a wide range of footwear, both in their own name and for more than a few well respected brands, of the highest quality and with outstanding results for over two decades. The company itself was founded in 1992 and is owned by the two brothers who started it. They go by the names Dennis and Maico and have been working with shoe manufacturing larger parts of their lives so it’s safe to say they know what it’s all about. The name of the company and brand is derived from the first names of the two brothers, D from Dennis and M from Maico, and becoming DIEMME. We would dare to go so far as to say that with the brand Diemme and the “made in Montebelluna” stamps imprinted on your shoes guarantees you Italian shoes of the highest quality.

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