Yukie Deuxpoints

Yukie Deuxpoints is a Japanese jewellery designer, graduate from Musashino Art University in Tokyo and based in Paris, France. She has collaborated with haute couture designer Anne Valerie Hash, appeared with her creations in publications such as Madame Figaro and Elle, and is represented in some of the finest stores worldwide. Yukie Deuxpoints creations are truly unique, otherworldly is a word that comes to mind to best describe the almost unreal beauty of her intricate designs. The craftsmanship is equally incredible resulting in pieces of art rather than just a piece of jewellery. She mainly creates in pure Sterling silver, or with a Sterling silver base with 18k gold coating, and often combines the metal in organic shapes with precious stones such as the black beauty Onyx. We have been working with Yukie Deuxpoints for many years at Nitty Gritty and are delighted to share her universe with our customers. It is such an inspiring place to be.